Chas Bogan  offers a variety of spiritual services, including:

-Guided Readings, utilizing the aid of spirit guides and ancestors, along with his gift for reading cards and curios.

-Magical Work, such as setting spiritual candles, crafting mojo bags, blending herbal baths, and more.

-Energy Work, drawing from techniques from Reiki, Chakra Alignment, Shamanism, and others.

-Spiritual Cleansings, incorporating Prayer, Smudging, Tuning Forks, and whatever the situation calls for.

Chas Bogan also teaches classes, online and at The Mystic Dream, specializing in Faery Tradition and Hoodoo.

Chas is part owner of The Mystic Dream, as well as Carnivalia for which he designs and crafts spirit-boards and other types of esoteric and divinatory art, and Modern Conjure for which he blends condition oils, bath salts, incense and more in the traditional styles of Conjure and Wicca.

To book an appointment, use the menu below, or scroll down to read about individual offerings.


Magic/Conjure work

A quarter century of work in the mystical arts has resulted in adept knowledge of how to use the forces of herbs, stones, incantations, traditions, as well as my ancestral and spiritual allies through whom my work is energized and guided. Whether your focus is on money, love, protection, purification, power, or nearly any need be it spiritual or mundane, I have the knowledge and expertise to aid you.

If you are uncertain what type of service is best for you then arrange to have a consultation with me to determine how best to address your need(s).

Setting Lights/Custom Candle Spell

If you wish to draw on my expertise in spellwork then I will 'set a light' for you. I will dress and adorn a candle for your particular purpose and burn it on my altar on your behalf. To purchase this service simply click the button below, select 'Made by Chas' from the drop-down menu, and after you have added it to the cart include a note describing ONE purpose for which you need my magical aid.

If you are unsure what you need then you should first contract me for a consultation. If you have multiple needs to address then we will have to burn a candle for each individual condition.

I will email you once your candle has finished its burn, explaining how well your spell progressed based on what I can read from the candle glass.


Custom Mojo Hand

I will create a custom mojo bag specifically for you. I begin by creating magical sigils designed from your name and need to be included in your bag along with traditional Magical Seals. I then draw upon my knowledge of herbal lore and my relationships with the spirits of those herbs to strengthen the purpose of your mojo bag. Your mojo will be charged with life force and prayer, then 'given breath' at our altar by the burning of herbs and incense.
Along with your mojo you will receive instructions on how to care for your new mojo bag, including how it is to be fed weekly with the cologne we provide free with your mojo. A mojo bag (also known by the names Mojo Hand, Conjure Bag, Toby Bag, Lucky Hand, Jomo, Trick Bag and Root Bag) is considered a living being, a charm embodying a spiritual ally).

To purchase this service simply click the button above, and select 'Made by Chas' from the drop-down menu. At check out, include a note describing ONE purpose for which you need spiritual aid. (Examples of purposes: Drawing Love, Protection, Money Draw, Purification, Success, Stop Gossip, Court Case, Good Luck, etc.)


Feri Tradition

I am also available for long distance training in Feri, a form of American Traditional Witchcraft. For more information please visit


The Mystic Dream
"Where Ancient Wisdom Meets the New Aeon"